Phone Skins versus Phone Cases

The excitement of getting a new phone is unrivalled. That sleek attractive design, chrome detailing and light feel. Then you go and stick a big bulky case on it. Defeats the object no?

Tech connoisseurs will say encasing a new Apple or Samsung device will hide the phone’s design and delicate form. However, a phonecase offers more benefits than disadvantages, the first being damage control.

Buying a good phone case for protection is a viable option but how can you still make sure the sleek design of the phone remains?This is where phoneskins come into the picture.

Phone skins are the new best thing since sliced bread. Skinzilla phone skins use the highest quality die cut vinyl which moulds to the shape of your phone keeping the original shape and design your phone was made for.

These little phone jackets are so popular and rapidly taking over as a top trend because despite looking lightweight and fragile, they are incredibly durable and strong, offering as much if not more protection from fall and scratch damage than you would from a phonecase.

Vinyl or silicone skins are the highest quality phone skins as they are the most protective, can be easily removed, are inexpensive to replace and can change in colour or style at any point!

You can buy phone skins in a variety of styles and colours – letting your personality shine though with just one choice.  Phone skins can bring personality to your device.

So, it seems like it’s time to move with the times and try out a phone skin. Good quality phone skins perform well in all departments as compared to a phone case.

Now if you were to want to take your phone through a military style assault course, we would say a phone skin is not for you, and neither is a phone case as you would have little hope with either. The only thing we would advise, is to use a tempered glass screen protector for extra protections as the phone skin will not protect the glass screen of your phone.

Depending on your choice of mobile skin, you can also add the aesthetic element to your phone! There are a lot of options available that allow the mobile device to shine through as well because essentially it is a beautiful piece of machinery.

Better yet you can skin up all of your devices including MacBook, laptop and iPad. Great to give as a gift for all ages and you can even customise your skin with your initials, name, business logo or favourite meme. Browse through our website and Instagram for some examples ( or @skinzilla_)