Covid-19 Safety Signs for Shops and Businesses

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect to not only our health and safety but our economy and mental wellbeing too. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as we are coming out of lockdown and opening our doors as businesses and offices. It is important that we do so safely and with caution to avoid a second wave.

At Skinzilla we have created a range of covid-19 safety signage decals which can be applied as easily as a sticker to windows, shop fronts, cabinets and flooring. These signs are easy to apply to any flat surface without causing any damage or glue marks to paintwork and  surface beneath. To see the full range click here.

Our range of safety signage is designed to support businesses; local, regional, national, the NHS and for everyone else trying to cope with the new risks and measures to reduce the risk of infection from coronavirus and to protect us going forward. As the situation and crisis evolves, we are continuing to develop new signs to encourage/enforce and educate people based on the latest official government recommendations. If you've got a specific risk or signage need which this range doesn't currently cover please get in touch. The development and launch of safety signage has been fast tracked and is often possible to obtain a specific request same day.

Don’t see the what you like? Contact us directly and our graphic designers will custom make your special request at no extra charge.

Our wide range of Corona Virus prevention signs provide standard social distancing and catch it, bin it, kill it signs and posters, signage to encourage hand-washing and hand sanitiser usage. We also provide signs and posters to encourage specific behaviours such as advertising glove/face mask or tissue stations.

We are looking at the bigger picture and can provide these in any language including welsh (golchwch eich dwylo/now wash your hands). You can find directional signage such as arrows and lines or “please wait here” flooring stickers and even specific signs for isolation pods, quarantine rooms or quarantine areas. Finally we are developing a more general range that provides signs that help discourage behaviour that might lead to the virus spreading like signs that ask people not to shake hands, or remind people to wash their hands before they eat. 

Although this is a serious subject matter, we understand that these signs are going to be semi-permanent if not permanent fixtures in your stores/office space and therefore they need to also fit in with your layout and design.

This is where we come in to custom make your special request, whether it be to amend size and wording or to colour match the decal to your logo colours. They do not need to be garish and unsightly signs, they can be welcoming to alert your customers that you are taking serious precautious to protect your staff and local community without scaring them with the hazards. It is creating a safe and friendly environment in the steps to a safe and healthy process. For instance, nurseries and schools are having to implement safety signs to their spaces which can be made fun and colourful to attract the attention of children, this is why for child friendly spaces we have created colourful decals and the element of fun, for instance “the floor is lava please stand here”.

At Skinzilla we understand that these signs may need to go on counters or in windows. For fear of them being peeled off from the outside we can reverse print at request so that they can be applied on the inside of windows to be visible from the outside. So please stay 2 metres apart and maintain a safe distance on the road to a safer environment for all. Much love, Maria & Rob from Skinzilla